2-hours tour

Jet Ski Tenerife

2-hours tour
For one or two persons on a jet ski.
From 145 €, 90 €
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This 2-hours water safari is created for those who are 100% confident, experienced and fearless, the kind of people who have sea adventures as a part of their holiday in Tenerife.

Your ride will be the legendary beast — the Yamaha Sport, its power excites the imagination and makes the adrenaline run at maximum speed. You can prove your skills as a couple or alone.

We will start the adventure from the port of Las Galletas. Breaking the ocean waves creating a rainbow you’ll discover the island like for the first time . National Park, cliffs a few hundred meters high, normally inaccessible caves, fish farms, lovely bays and its beautiful sea world. You can see dolphins, whales, and perhaps flying fish. Several times we’ll stop to swim in the clear waters and discover the underwater world with the a mask and snorkel.

At the end of the trip you will get surprises and gifts!
The tour includes free transport both ways in the South of Tenerife.


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Our Advantages

Jet Ski Tenerife
Professional Guide

Each of our instructors is certified and fully skilled to accompany jet ski trips.

Jet Ski Tenerife

Life jackets. Preservation of personal items. Insurance included.

Jet Ski Tenerife

Your guide will take fantastic pictures of your memorable Jet Ski trip in Tenerife.

To guarantee yourself the best time for a walk — book Jet Ski tours in advance!

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Jet Ski Tenerife
Jet Ski Safari (2-hours)


Jet Ski Tenerife
Single: 135 €
Double: 155 €